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  • Very professional company, excellent after sale service.

    General Manager, A. Kalogeitonas
    Plaza Beach, Naxos

  • Ranking in all major search engines has gone up greatly in the last year.

    Hotel Owner, K. Papanikolaou
    Delfino Blu, Corfu

  • Greeka is always on top of our needs and responds quickly.

    Hotel Owner, A. Anagnostopoulou
    Athina, Naxos

  • Excellent quality of design and value for money.

    General Manager, G. Apostolopoulos
    Armeni, Santorini

  • Easy team to work with and prompt with maintenance and changing material.

    General Manager, A. Mponis
    Seaside, Mykonos

  • Greeka was just wonderful to work with and the deadlines were respected.

    Hotel Owner, D. Leontis
    Agnanti, Paros

  • Very quick and creative, site looks beautiful and was ready in few days.

    General Manager, T. Aristeidou
    Niriedes, Sifnos

Graphic Design
Logo Creation

Greeka, with professionalism and creative spirit, can design the logo of your company, which constitutes your image to the clients.

The importance of a logo may be misunderstood by many people, however no doubt a logo is the base of communication between the company and the outside world. It shows a kind of professionalism that your company should follow all over its “life”.
The logo, which is unique for every company, introduces the company and its services to the clients. Over time, this logo will be stamped on the client’s mind and it will represent your company with a single picture.
Of course, for the coordinate image of your company and the creation of a full company identity, the logo should not be used only in your website but also in other points, like in the e-mails (as signature), fax, various documents and envelopes.

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